The 20 Most Luxurious Hotels Collection Across The Globe

Explore “The Most Luxurious Hotels Collection Across The Globe” for a taste of pure luxury. These special hotels redefine fancy living in amazing cities and beautiful beach spots. Enjoy yummy food, relaxing spas, and super service. Each hotel is like a beautiful work of art, with unique styles and designs. Whether you love big city vibes or peaceful nature, this collection has it all.

Get ready for a super fancy and comfy stay where everything is extra special and made for your happiness. Come and experience the fanciest hotels that make your travel unforgettable and totally amazing!

1. Mickleham Village Hotel, Surrey

Mickleham Village Hotel, Surrey
Mickleham Village Hotel, Surrey

Beaverbrook, a country-house hotel near Leatherhead, is as decadent as befits the former home of charismatic Max Beaverbrook, the media baron, wartime cabinet minister and party-loving friend of Elizabeth Taylor, Winston Churchill and Rudyard Kipling. This year, it adds another 21 rooms and a five-bedroom party pad to the mix, just a short buggy ride from the main complex in the sleepy Surrey Hills hamlet of Mickleham.

Beaverbrook’s creative director, Frank Lowe, and designer Nicola Harding, who oversaw the much-envied look for its Garden House, are in charge of fairy-dusting the new rooms. Mickleham guests will have their own swimming pool, mini spa and restaurant as well as the run of Beaverbrook’s impressive facilities.

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